Class 8th English

Class 8th English

Class : VIII

English Reader
Lesson-1 Abdul Hamid
Lesson-2 Say 'No'!
Lesson-3 How Daddy decided what he wanted to be?
Lesson-4 Three Questions
Lesson-5 Our National Symbols
Lesson-6 A Robot Called Makito
Lesson No.8

Saint Ravidas

Lesson No.9 The Punjab – A Glimpse
Lesson No.10 Childhood
Lesson No. 11 Two Memorable Speeches
Lesson No.12-13 Our Civilization -1 Our Civilization -2

Poem: 1 True Growth
Poem: 2 Abou Ben Adhem
Poem: 3 This is My Prayer to Thee
Poem: 4 Lucy Gray
Poem: 5 Sympathy
Poem: 6 He That Is Down Needs Fear No Fall

Parts of Speech
The Adverb
The sentence

 A Picnic
A School Library
A Cricket Match
A journey by Train
A Street Quarrel
An Indian Farmer
A visit to a Hospital
Our School Peon
The volley-ball Match
The Policeman

Incomplete Paragraph Complete an Incomplete

Informal Letter 
 Imagine you are Rahul. You live at 44, Raja Gardens, Ludhiana. Write a letter to your uncle requesting him to buy a new bicycle for you.

Suppose you are Gurpreet. you live at G- 10, s./d College Road, Barnala. Your uncle has  sent you a wrist watch on your birthday. Write a letter of thanks to your uncle.

Suppose you are Satinder. You are living in boarding house of your school. Write a letter to your elder brother requesting him to send two thousand rupees for fees and books.

Imagine you are Harish. You live in Mohalla AshokNagar, Nawan Shahar. Write a letter to your friend, who lives on Mohall Sant Nagar, Jalandhar, telling him how you celebrated yor birthday.

Imagine you are Gurpreet. you live at 1403, Green avenue, Amritsar. Write a letter to your friend who has met with an accident enquiring after his health.

Formal Letter
 Imagine you are Minnie studying in X  B at XYZ Scholl, Morinda. You are ill. rite an application to your Headmaster requesting him to grant you stick leave for four days only.

Write an application to your Headmaster requesting him to exempt your from payment of School fee

Imagine you are Balwinder. You live in the hostel of XYZ School, Malerkotla Request your father to send you some money.

Suppose you are Rajkumari, a student of X class of XYZ School Kotkapura, your father has been transferred to chandigrah. Write anapplication to the Principal of  your school requesting him to issue you school leaving Certificate.


 Suppose you are Salim. living at 7, Sant Nagar, Bathinda. Your younger brother is always reading books. and never playing games. Write a letter to him, advise him to take part in games.

Suppose you are Hari Singh studying in XYZ School, Banga. Your have been fined RS. 20/- by your teacher incharge. Write an application to you Headmaster,requesting him to remit the fine.

you are John. You are live at 14, Mall, Kapurthala. Write a letter to your friend Sushil congratulation him on his standing first in tje examination.

Imagine you are Satwant kaur, a student of XYZ School, Amritsar. You cannot take thwe examination, because of marriage of your elder sister. Write an application to your Head mistress, requesting h er to exempy you from this examination.

Suppose you are Ravinder. YOu live at 38, Manvata Park, Hoshiarpur Invite your friend to come to your birthday party.

Newspaper Headlines

Dialogue Writing

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