Class 12th English

Time: 3hrs                                                                                      Theory: 65 Marks
CCE: 10 Marks                                                                      Total: 75 Marks
Section A (Lessons for Intensive study) 
1. Hassan's Attendance Problem Sudha Murthy
2.  The March King Katherine Little Bakeless
3. Thinking Out of the Box: Lateral Thinking (Adopted from the article from Internet)
4. Robots and People Isaac Asimov
5. On Giving Advice Joseph Addison
6. On Saying 'Please' A. G. Gardiner
7. The Story of My Life Helen Keller
8. Two Gentlemen of Verona A. J. Cronin
9. In Celebration of Being Alive Dr. Christian Barnard
10. Gadari Babas in Kalapani Jail Dr. Harish Puri
Section B (Poetry)
1. Prayer of the Woods Anonymous
2. On Friendship Khalil Gibran
3. The Echoing Green William Blake
4. Once upon a Time Gabriel Okara
5. Cheerfulness Taught by Reason Elizabeth Barret Browning
6. Father Returning Home Dilip Chitre
7. The Road Not Taken Robert Frost
8. On His Blindness John Milton

Section C (Lessons for Extensive study)
1. The School for Sympathy E. V. Lucas
2. A Chamelon Anton Chekhov
3. Bholi K. A. Abbas
4. The Gold Frame R. K. Luxman
5. The Barber's Trade Union Mulk Raj Anand
6. The Bull beneath the Earth K. S. Virk
Section D (Grammar and Composition)
1. Determiners
2. Use of Non-finites (Infinitives, Gerunds, Participles)
3. Transformation of Sentences
4. Voice
5. Narration
1. Précis writing
2. Letter writing (Official/Business/To Editors)
3. Applications for Jobs
4. Explaining Newspaper Headlines
5. E-Mail writing

Part-I (Objective type questions) 8 marks
1. It will consist of 8 objective type questions carrying one mark each.
Objective type questions may include questions with one word to one sentence answer or fill in the blank or true/false or multiple choice type questions.
a Lessons meant for intensive study 3×1=3
b Lessons meant for extensive study 3×1=3
c Grammar 2×1=2

Part-II (Reading) 10 marks
2. Seen passage for Comprehension. (Passage of 150 words from intensive
study followed by 5 single line comprehension questions, one on the name
of the author and chapter, three single line comprehension questions,
including a question on vocabulary (meanings of 2 out of 3 given words in
simple English). 2+1+1+1+1 = 6
3. Comprehension question on a given stanza from poetry (4 questions
including a question on name of the poet/poem, Rhyme scheme / Simile
/ Metaphor / Personification/ Alliteration/ Imagery etc).(1 out of two
given stanzas to be attempted) 4 marks

Part-III (Writing) 14 marks
4. Précis writing (passage of about 150 words) 5 marks
5. Letter writing (only official/ business & to the Editors/ Applications for
jobs)(one out of two)( Letter or Application) 6 marks
6. Explaining Newspaper Headlines (15-20 words)/ E-mail writing
3 marks

Part-IV (Grammar) 8 marks
7. Grammar items:
a. Determiners
b. Use of Non-finites (Infinitives, Gerunds, Participles)
c. Transformation of Sentences
d. Voice
e. Narration 2+2+2+1+1=8 Marks

Part-V (Literature) 25 marks
8. Central idea (1out of 2.) 3 marks
9 Three( out of four) short answer questions of about 40 to 50 words from
intensive study. 3×2=6
- 10 -
10. Two (out of three) short answer questions of about 40 to 50 words from
extensive study. 2×2=4
11. Long answer questions on theme, incident, content, character etc.
from intensive study 100 to 120 words) ( with internal choice).
6 marks
12. Long answer type (100 - 120 words) question from extensive study on
Character/incident/theme etc (with internal choice). 6 marks
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