Class 10th English

Class 10th English

Class : X


Main Course Book

Lession-1 The Happy Prince
Lesson-2 Where is Science Taking us?
Lesson-3 Secret of Happiness
Lesson-4 A Gift for Christmas
Lesson-5 The War of Troy
Lesson-6 Some Glimpse of Ancient Indian Thought and Practices
Lesson-7 The Home Coming
Lesson-8 The Making of the Earth
Lesson-9 The Rule of the Road 
Lesson-10 The Merchant of Venice
Lesson-11 The Grief
Lesson-12 Fathers and Sons


Supplementary Reader
Lesson-1 A Vine on a House
Lesson-2 Bed No. 29
Lesson-3 Half a Rupee Worth
Lesson-4 One Thousand Dollars
Lesson-5 The Dying Detective
Lesson-6 The Stolen Bacillus
Lesson-7 How Much Land Does a Man Need
Lesson-8 Return to Air
Lesson-9 Terry’s Tree
Lesson-10 The Unexpected


Use of Determiners and Preposition
Use of Modals and Sentence, Connectors
Simple, Compound and Complex sentences
Use and Kinds of Non-finites
Use of tenses
Reported Speech

Personal Letters
Official Letters
Business letters

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