10th Class MCB Important Short Questions and Answers

                                                             1.  The Happy Prince

Q.1. Why was the Seamstress’s little boy crying?

Ans. The little boy was ill. He was crying for oranges.

Q.2. Where were the drops coming from?

Ans. The drops were coming from the eyes of the statue  of the Happy Prince.

Q.3. why did the swallow put up between the feet of the  Happy Prince?

Ans. The Swallow put up between the feet of the Happy Prince because it was a fine place between the feet of the Happy Prince. Also, there was plenty of fresh air.

Q.4. How was the statue decorated?

Ans. The statue was covered with fine gold. It had two bright sapphires for its eyes and a large ruby n its sword hilt.

Q.5. Why did the Swallow feel warm?

Ans. The Swallow had done a good deed. The thought of it made him feel warm.

Q.6. Why was the Happy Prince crying?

Ans. The Happy Prince was crying because it had been set up high. He  could see all the sorrows and miseries of poor people.


2. Where is Science Taking Us

Q.1. Which is the greatest triumph of science?

Ans. Science had helped us to produce more food. It had also invented many medicines and helped man to live longer.

Q.2. What was happened to the ethics and modern world?

Ans. In the modern world, nobody cares about ethics and morals. Everybody is running after material things.

Q.3. What are machines doing for the humans?

Ans. Machines are helping men in every field. They are working as man’s slaves.

Q.4. What are the consequences of wars?

Ans. Hunger and poverty are the consequences of wars. War also causes death and destruction.

                                      3. Secret of Happiness

Q.1. What are the different types of fear experienced by the people?

Ans. There are financial fears, fears of ill health and fears about future etc.

Q.2. How can weak personality become strong?

Ans. By making use of unused energy of the brain, a weak personality becomes strong.

Q.3. Which is the greatest day in any individual’s life?

Ans. The greatest day in any individual’s life is when he begins for the first time to realize himself.

Q.4. What did the author find when he flung open the door?

Ans. The author found a little chipmunk ran off into the darkness when he flung open the door.

Q.5. How can one have a real escape from fear?

Ans. We must have faith in God. We must have faith that God is always with us, we are not alone such faith can give us real peace of mind and we can escape from any fear.

4.  A Gift for Christmas

Q.1. What explanation did Della give to Jim?

Ans. Della told Jim that she had sold her hair to buy a gift for Jim, but she didn’t have money for it. So she had to sell her hair.

Q.2. Describe the present Della bought for Jim?

Ans. Della bought a platinum watch chain for Jim. This chain was simple but well made.

Q.3. How did Della manage to buy the gift?

Ans. Della sold her beautiful long hair for twenty dollars. Thus she was able to buy a gift for Jim.

Q4. Why was Della crying?

Ans. Della was crying because she wanted to buy a gift for Jim but she did not have money for it.

Q.5. What was in the package that Jim had brought for Jim?

Ans. The package contained a beautiful set of combs.

5. The War of Troy

Q.1. Why was Paris brought up in obscurity?

Ans. Paris was brought up in obscurity because an oracle had prophesied that he would one day bring ruin to the city.

Q.2. How was Hector killed?

Ans. Hector was left alone in the battlefield. Achilles killed him with a thrust of his spear.

Q.3. What was written on the apple?

Ans. These words were written on the apple, ”Meant for the fairest”.

Q.4. How did Achilles dies?

Ans. Paris hit him in the heel which is unsafe part of his body, with poisoned arrow. Achilles died of the poison.

Q.5. What did Eris do to take her revenge?

Ans. She threw a golden apple among the assembled guests. This she tried to create discord among the goddesses.

Q.6. What was inside the wooden horse?

Ans. There were Greek soldiers inside the wooden horse.

Q.7. When did the soldiers come out of the horse?

Ans. The soldiers come out of the horse at night when the Trojans were sleeping.

6. Some Glimpses of Ancient Indian Thought and Practices

Q.1. What did Lord Vishnu advise the gods?

Ans. Lord Vishnu advised the gods to gets a mighty sword from the bones of some great sage.

Q.2. What caused desperation of the gods?

Ans. There was a fight between the demons and the gods. The demons  had the upper hand. It caused desperation of the gods.

Q.3. Why did some scholars laugh at Ashatavakra?

Ans. Some scholars laughed at Ashatavakra because he had a deformed body and looked very ugly.

Q.4. What was status of women in ancient India?

Ans. In ancient India, women enjoyed a high status. No auspicious function was considered complete without their participation.

Q.5. What was the sacrifice of saint Dadhichi?

Ans. He was sacrificed his life so that his bones could be made into a individual weapon for the gods.

7. The Home Coming

Q.1. Who was phatik?

Ans. Phatik was a fourteen-year old boy. He was the ringleader among the boys of his village.

Q.2. What was the new mischief Phatik received by his aunt?

Ans. A log of wood was lying on the bank of river. He planned to roll the log away with the other boys. In this way, he wanted to annoy the owner and enjoy the fun.

Q.3. How was Phatik received by the aunt?

Ans. She was not pleased at his coming there. She thought of Phatik as an unnecessary addition of her family.

Q.4. What were Phatik’s last words?

Ans. Phatik’s last words were, “Mother, the holidays have come.”

Q.5. Why did Bishamber send for his sister?

Ans. Bishamber sent for his sister because Phatik was seriously ill. The doctor said that the boys‘ condition was critical.

8. The Making of The Earth

 Q.1. What are planets?

Ans. A body that goes round a star is called a planet. For example – The earth is a planet of the sun because the earth moves round the sun.

Q.2. Define solar system.

Ans. The solar system means the family of the sun. It includes the sun, the planets and the satellites of these planets.

Q.3. Why do the stars twinkle?

Ans. The stars are balls of fire. They are millions of miles away from us. So they seem to be twinkle.

Q.4. How was the earth formed?

Ans. The earth was also a part of the sun. It shot out from the sun. In the beginning, It was very hot. It took millions of years to cool down.

9. The Rule of the Road

Q.1. Why did the writer need a reasonable silence in the compartment?

Ans. The writer needed reasonable silence in the compartment because he was reading the book for serious purpose.

Q.2. Who disturbed the author in the train?

Ans. A fellow passenger disturbed him in the train. He was talking loudly. The author could not concentrate on the book he wanted to read.

Q.3. What does the policeman at Picadally circus symbolizes?

Ans. He symbolises the true meaning of liberty. He puts a little check on personal liberty so that there is social liberty.

Q.4. Can we do whatever we feel like doing?

Ans. No, we cannot do whatever we feel like doing.

Q.5.Why was the stout lady walking down the middle of road?

Ans. The stout lady was walking down the middle of road because she thought she had liberty to walk wherever she liked.

10. The Merchant of Venice I & II

Q.1. What does Shylock want?

Ans. Shylock wants to have a pound of flesh cut off from nearest Antonio’s heart.

Q.2. What does the Jew insistsupon?

Ans. Jew insists upon having a pound of flesh from nearest Antonio’s heart.

Q.3. Why is Shylock not ready to take money?

Ans. Shylock is not ready to take money because he wants Antonio’s death.

Q.4. Why does Portia wants the Jew to show mercy?

Ans. Portia wants the Jew to show mercy because mercy is a heavenly quality. It blesses both the giver and taker.

11. The Grief

Q.1. Who are the next passengers?

Ans. The next passengers are three youngmen. Two are tall and lanky and third is short and humpbacked.

Q.2. Why was Iona want to talk to the passengers?

Ans. Iona’s heart was full of grief due to death of his son. He wanted to talk to  the passengers and thus lighten the grief.

Q.3. Why did Potapov look like a phantom?

Ans. Iona Potapov looked like a phantom because he was covered with snow.

Q.4. Why did people not listen to Iona?

Ans. People did not listen because they were busy in their own thoughts.

12. Fathers and Sons

Q.1. Why could George not own a car?

Ans. George could not own a car because the laws of England did not allow small boys to have cars.

Q.2. What were the two men talking about?

 Ans. The two men were talking about their sons who were dull and worthless.   

Q.3. What did George want to own? How much money did he get for it?

Ans. George wanted to own a big car. He got twenty pounds for it from his father.

Q.4. Why could not George be a doctor?

Ans. George could not be a doctor because he could not think.  

Q.5. Why was George angry with his father?

Ans. George was angry with his father because his father did not give him money to pay a taxi.


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