Central Idea of Poem

Central idea of Poem

PSEB 10th

Q1 Write a summary    of    the   poem   ‘Sweet   are   the   uses   of     adversity’   in   your    own   word?

Ans. The central idea of this poem is that Duke senior finds life in the forest of Arden better than the artificial life of poem and luxury of rulers and courtiers. Here are no persons burning with jealousy. No doubt it is a life of hardships. One feels the heat and cold of changing seasons, but there are no flatterers to sing his praises and trees. They all teach him useful lessons. The duke has discovered sweetness in adversity. Now he would not like to say goodbye to his life in the forest of Arden.

 Q2 Write a summary of the poem ‘character of a happy man’ in your own words?
Ans   The central idea of this poem is that the happy man, according Tohenry Wotton is nobody’s slave. He obeys nobody’s orders. His thoughts and feelings are honest. He lives a simple, truthful life. He loves to do good to others.  He flatters nobody. He is free from jealousy. He is not afraid of this future. He follows the rules of good behavior. He prays to god to seek his grace. He begs no gifts from god. He is above the hope of rising to a higher position and the fear of failing to a lower state. He is his own master. He owns nothing, yet he has everything.

Q3   What is the theme or the central idea of the poem?
 Ans   The central idea of this poem is that Death spares none. It is a great leveler. The high and low, the rich and poor cannot escape the icy hands of death. There is no defense against death. The only things that last forever are the just and noble deeds.

Q4   Give the central idea of the poem.
Ans   The central idea of this poem is that nature is a better teacher of human beings than books. The poet therefore advises us to keep ourselves away from man-crated things, live in the company of nature and receive the benefits of nature’s companionship.

Q5 What is the central idea of the poem?
Ans   The central idea of this poem is that the caste-system creates divisions in society. It is very harmful. One should rise above considerations of caste, colour and creed. The law of equality and brotherhood should govern our relations with other. That is the central idea of this poem.

Q6 Write the summary of the poem ‘Razia, the Tigress’ in your own words.
Ans The central idea of this poem is that Tigress Razia has two cubs. Tiger Sheru has left them. He no longer plays with the cubs. He had a strong sense of smell and knew everything about the winds. He also knew that the deer could smell his presence, if the wind moved in their direction. To hunt them he crawled on his body, moved forward slowly, followed a long circular track and hid himself behind a bush. When the deer failed to catch his smell, he would pounce on it and crush its neck and horns. Razia is torn between grief and fear. She is afraid of hyenas who could kill her cubs if left alone. But she is more afraid of poachers who carry guns and kill forest creatures.

Q7 What is the central idea of the poem?
Ans The central idea of this poem is that the poet wants his countrymen to be fearless and proud of being truthful, reasonable and knowledgeable. They should live like brothers, and march on the road to progress and prosperity and perfection. This is the India of the poet’s dreams.


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