Learning by Using WhatsApp App

Teaching Learning by Using WhatsApp Application


Teaching learning by utilizing ICT has an incredible effect to enhance abilities. The current pattern in ICT is utilizing long range interpersonal communication, for example, WhatsApp. It has turned out to be extremely prominent APP in the previous couple of years, and it assumes an essential part in our life these days. It likewise helps us in the field of training. With different components in the use of WhatsApp, it offers community oriented learning. Sharing inquiries in whatever the subjects or abilities, send it to all individuals in the gathering through a chat option or begin an important talk on ideas we have to get more information. Utilizing WhatsApp can improve skills and give learning and info of any subject as individuals from different fields can be included WhatsApp Groups.


Information and Communication Technology (ICT) has a great impact to human life. People, from children, adults up to parents, especially in big cities are used to watching television, to communicate via mobile phone, social networking, texting via the internet, as well as visiting various portals or web without limits. ICT also affects greatly in the education world. It is in fact can improve the quality of education by using ICT especially in rural area where there is scarcity of teachers and schools.
As we know that recently, there has been a new trend in the ICT world which is called the social network. Social network has been defined by many and generally viewed as referring to networked tools that allow people to meet, interact and share ideas, and interests with each other. (T. Aderson, 2010). This social network has opened up new opportunities of interaction and collaboration between teachers and learners. The use of social network has become a popular in everyday communication. Social network applications such as Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn and many others alike have been phenomenally popular in the communication world.
The most recent popular social network is WhatsApp application. WhatsApp Messenger is a proprietary, cross-platform instant messaging application for smartphones. In addition to text messaging, users can send each other images, video, and audio media messages (Wikipedia, 2013). WhatsApp allows its users to use their Internet connection to send messages to each other. WhatsApp is like a chat program for mobile phones. Smart phones are becoming increasingly popular and WhatsApp is available for almost all Smartphone. Many students that have WhatsApp running on their mobile always think about its capacity as a social networking and chatting platform and less people are thinking about how this mobile application can be effectively use for education collaboration and learning.

Why WhatsApp?

There have been many opposing view over the use of communication technology especially the social network in which it has negative impact on teaching learning process. Learners of high schools using new communication technology especially text messaging commit numerous errors ranging from incorrect spelling to grammatical sentence structure. Mphahlele and Mshmite (2005). If we take a look closely, the social networking is easy and quick in term of accessing accessibility, reviewing, updating, and editing learning material needs anytime and anywhere. In addition, it allows for option to select learning materials from large quantity of courses offered online with the learner needs and it also makes easier distribution of courses material.

In the field of E-learning, the social network sites handled the big problem raised by educators in the recent educators. For example, a lack of humanitarian aspect and described it as teaching lack spirit (Ashraf, 2012). It should be noted that social networking provides participation through such virtual classrooms, chat rooms and meetings by video. Social networking helps students to reduce stress and increase satisfaction among them. Face to face classes are likely to enable high levels of emotional understanding, while the convenience and flexibility of online components can motivate students to complete educational tasks. For social network like WhatsApp offers various features including audio and video enable the users to take benefit for learning especially language learning.
In fact there are still very few people realize that by using WhatsApp can support their education as most of them using it just for sake of fun. There are many advantages we can take from using WhatsApp in education including language learning, Understanding of science facts, knowing various philosophy. WhatsApp is not only sending text message but files and message broadcasting. With message broadcasting, we can select or make a list of people in our contacts we wish to share educational and learning resources with and we can create a broad based discussions on many subjects. We can also create a forum or group discussion by using WhatsApp. We can ask questions in any subjects and send it across to all people in the group through a broadcast or start a meaningful discussion on concepts we need to understand much better. Even with WhatsApp, the learning and information sharing happen at the comfort when we are bed.

WhatsApp and Learning

The use of WhatsApp in teaching learning phenomenon should be aimed to encourage students in learning topics which are felt difficult to understand. By doing this, the learning process will be student-centered. However, the teacher plays a great role, so the teacher must choose the suitable topic to use in the discussion, and should help the student understand the lesson by using various features on WhatsApp application.
As a start the teacher create a group or forum in WhatsApp application and the students are asked to join the group. Then, a series of activities are presented as a sample, so that teachers get concrete ideas about how to use WhatsApp in language learning. A student-centered approach is presented in this sample. This approach allows more exploration of WhatsApp in learning, offers the students more opportunities to formulate their own ideas or feeling about the issues as well as to improve their basic skills in the language learning process. To cater various learning styles, it is necessary to devise various kinds of tasks and activities.

How to Create Groups in Whatsapp

You may create an unlimited number of groups. To create a group:
  1. Open WhatsApp and go to the Chats screen.

2.At the top of the Chats screen, tap the New Group button. Note: you will need to have an existing chat before creating a new Group Chat.

3.Add group participants by selecting or typing the name of the contact. Tap Next once you are done adding participants.
4.Add an icon for the group by tapping on the empty photo box. This will show up next to the group in your Chats list.

5. Add a name for the group.

6. Tap Create when you are finished.

Practicability of using whatsapp groups for Teaching - Learning

May it's just easy to make whatsapp groups but to run them , there are some issues you have to face while running whatsapp groups
1. If you are making groups of people you know then it's just easy task, all you need is having their contacts in your phone book and you can add them but if you want to have people who are not know to you then you have to create Invite Link

You can share that link in social media to get members to your group, but you will keep in mind one thing that many users will join it who would keep on sharing irrelevant messages in your group, so there's need to keep eye on group and remove people who are just spamming or sharing general / Hoax messages.

2. After making educational groups, it's still not easy to keep it educational group, as it's not easy to guide people to run group for one particular  reason, There's need of continuous motivation and guidance to make people ready for educational debate.


Educational teaching and learning utilizing ICT is a decent path to the advancement of the information and correspondence innovation in this time. The current pattern in ICT is informal organization and WhatsApp application are among other. In any case, there are still not very many individuals understand that by utilizing WhatsApp can enhance their educational abilities.

WhatsApp is sending instant message as well as can records and message in broadcasting lists or groups. We can share instructive and learning assets and we can make an Whatsapp Groups with respect to many subjects. We can make inquiries in any subjects and send it crosswise over to all individuals by chat option, or begin an important talk on ideas we have to see much better. WhatsApp application can be utilized to take in the dialect aptitudes, sciences and even in mathematics. All you needed is to make your mind to start it. Further review on this matter is expected from you all people.

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