⁠⁠⁠Branding of epathshala Mobile app: A step ahead.

PINDICS application is live on GOOGLE PLAY STORE.

Following is the link to download:

Use this mobile app and provide your feedback to enable us to update the current version and go for a more user friendly mobile app for teachers.

PINDICS can be utilized by instructors themselves for evaluating their own particular execution

furthermore, to attempt nonstop endeavors to achieve the largest amount. These can likewise be utilized for

educator examination by the supervisory staff/guide to survey and to give helpful

criticism for the change of educator execution. Every execution marker

is appraised on four point scale extending from 1 to 4 demonstrating the levels of execution.

The rating focuses are:

1. Not meeting the normal standard

2. Moving toward the normal standard

3. Moved toward the normal standard

4. Past the normal standard

In the event that the instructor performs errands in a creative way and endeavors additional endeavors for

enhancing understudy execution can be evaluated as past the normal standard.

Amritpal Singh

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